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Agape Pharmacy is a family-owned pharmacy dedicated towards giving all of its patients the highest quality in service and care. Agape translates to “love” or “the highest form of love” in Greek and symbolizes who we are as both professionals and people. Love, along with respect, is reflected in all of the services we offer to every individual, now and always. The passion that our entire staff has, in addition to the comprehensive level of commitment given, will make every person being attended to feel safe, satisfied and comfortable.

Accurate and efficient dispensing of medications is a standard that Agape Pharmacy ensures. Our personable staff of pharmacists are true professionals as they have excelled in the highest level of education relevant to pharmaceutical services, garnered many certifications along the way, and continue to add on to the many years of experience accumulated so far in their careers. With our high level of expertise comes a great responsibility and we are more than willing to give all of our patients the very best by providing the most up-to-date medical advice in order to assist their health care, answer any potential questions that they may have and to improve their overall wellbeing. Given everything that we know and believe in, Agape Pharmacy is resolute on providing for all of its patients the most comfortable, affordable and smooth pharmacy experience.

Agape Pharmacy is my favourite place to visit whenever I need trusted medical perspective or help. Their clinic next door makes it also very convenient.

Agape Pharmacy Patient

What a wonderful group of Pharmacists. They were patient with me and made sure I understood exactly how to take my medication. Thank you!

Agape Pharmacy Patient